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I Am Salt Lake Podcast

I Am Salt Lake Podcast has invited me to come interview with Chris and Krissie Holifield in early February! Please like their Facebook page and subscribe to the podcast! I am super excited to have this opportunity. Subscribe to the email list for updates as I have more info!

Provider Info Session in February – STAY TUNED

February 12th or 20th we will be having a local meeting for prospective Qualified Medical Providers (QMPs) to discuss best practices and clinical information to help you with medical marijuana evaluations and treatment guidelines. We will have an attorney on-site to answer questions about some of the legal issues surrounding this issue. I am also reaching out to a clinical pharmacist for specific condition dosing guidelines.

This will be a great opportunity for you to come and learn about marijuana medicine, best practice guidelines, the new law, dispensaries, and safety information. Comment below or reach out to me if you have specific questions you would like answered. I will do my best.

Guest Writers working

We are very excited to work with guest writers including my own attorney, clinical pharmacy, a local nurse, and another QMP in the next few months. We believe that a diversity of viewpoints will make this project much more usable for you.

Recorded Interviews with Real Patients

Finally, I am also excited to bring you recorded interviews with real patients suffering from injury and illness who have found medical marijuana to be a useful tool in regaining control of their lives. I hope to bring you at least one of these interviews per month. Join the email list to get these delivered directly to you.

All in all, I hope you see that this is a comprehensive project, it is very exciting and I look forward to working with each and every one of you. As always, please leave comments and suggestions below, like us on Facebook and Twitter!

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By Tim Pickett
Founder of UtahMarijuana.org
Published January 20, 2020

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