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In Utah, marijuana is used by patients medicinally to treat chronic pain ailments more than any other condition — over 65% more Utah patients use marijuana for pain than the next most common qualifying condition in Utah, PTSD.

We can’t wait to bring you Discover Marijuana with Tim & Blake, an educational video series dedicated to teaching you about all things Medical Marijuana, brought to you by and

One of our hosts, Tim Pickett, a Utah QMP and founder of, has treated hundreds of chronic pain patients in his clinic, Utah Therapeutic Health Center. He’ll cover things from a patient/provider point of view, touching on everything from Utah Marijuana laws to the basics of marijuana for beginners.

We are beyond stoked to have Blake Smith, Chief Scientific Officer of Zion Medicinal, as a host as well. He will touch specifically on cannabis strains available in Utah, as well as the types of Medical Marijuana to most successfully treat your chronic pain, or whatever your medical condition may be.

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Published November 21, 2020

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