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CBD vs. THC (Part 2): What Makes You Feel High? | Discover Marijuana

CBD vs. THC: What Makes You Feel High?

In this installation, Tim & Blake are touching on the specific cannabinoids in your Medical Marijuana or CBD Dosage that cause psychoactivity and make you feel high. Feeling disoriented or high is one of the most well-known marijuana side effects, but it is typically not placed in the list of CBD risks. (Blake will touch on which cannabinoids specifically do make you feel high.) It’s important to note, though, that CBD side effects can still be felt by patients, however, and sometimes it’s best, when it comes to CBD for beginners, to consult with a physician well-versed in the endocannabinoid system for a treatment plan.

Thanks for tuning in to part two of the second episode of Discover Marijuana with Tim & Blake, brought to you by and,

Watch as Blake Smith, Chief Scientific Officer of Zion Medicinal — a Utah CBD and cannabis company, dives deep into the science of how marijuana works and how CBD and THC work together with loads of other cannabinoids to create an Entourage Effect (the topic of episode three, stay tuned!) to give you optimal medical benefit.

Tim, a Utah QMP and founder of, on the other hand, will break it down for you from a patient/provider standpoint, to help you better understand the medical benefits of marijuana and how this might help you get more positive marijuana effects when using CBD for anxiety, for example.

With years of experience and countless marijuana research between the two of them, you can think of Tim & Blake as your science Sherpas. Together, we’ll go over not only how to use marijuana, but tackle CBD and pain, CBD and cancer, CBD and migraines, and so much more.

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Published December 3, 2020

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