Would You Like to Work in Utah's Cannabis Industry?

Utah’s Medical Cannabis program is now more than a year old. It has been a fantastic first year, that’s for sure. We have seen a couple of growers get up and running. We have seen processors begin turning biomass into some pretty awesome products. Just about all of the Medical Cannabis pharmacies licensed in the state are now open, too. Wouldn’t it be awesome to work at one of them?

The burgeoning Medical Cannabis industry is definitely creating jobs. In a recent episode of Utah in the Weeds, podcast hosts Tim and Chris spoke with a business owner now in the process of setting up a home delivery business. We have written posts discussing home delivery and what a great idea it is but imagine getting to work in the industry as a courier.

Growing Entry-Level Opportunities

Medical Cannabis is an emerging industry that will only get bigger as time goes on. Utah is just one of thirty-six states where Medical Cannabis is legal. The rest will be on board sooner or later. So of course, job opportunities are growing. A lot of them are entry-level opportunities.

Why take an entry-level job? Why become a courier delivering Medical Cannabis products to customers? Because entry-level jobs are an opportunity to get in on the ground level. You get to be part of building something that is going to be really, really big down the road.

As the industry grows, those who got in on the ground floor will have lots of opportunities to move up the ladder. Imagine being on a career path with a constant upward trajectory. Getting a foot in the Medical Cannabis industry now is a lot like what seasoned IT experts did when they took entry-level positions 15 and 20 years ago.

An Industry You Believe In

If potential career opportunities are not enough to sway you, think about this: working in the Medical Cannabis industry means working in an industry you actually believe in. Going to work becomes more than just earning a paycheck. You get to work with people who think like you think, people who believe in the power of Cannabis as a medicine.

Not a lot of people get to go to work every day knowing that what they do actually helps people. Sure, they may like the work itself, but they don’t necessarily believe in the cause. You’ll find that’s rarely the case in our industry.

The Utah in the Weeds podcast regularly features guests who are both industry employees and patients. Some of the stuff they talk about makes you just want to stand up and shout. One of the podcast’s recent guests is a patient and Medical Cannabis tech. She fills orders all day. And when she’s not working, she’s talking with other patients in hopes of learning about their experiences. What she learns she can take back to work with her.

Patients Make Great Employees

Our industry is somewhat unique in the sense that so many workers are also patients. From Qualified Medical Providers (QMPs) to Pharmacy Medical Providers to techs and couriers, patients make great employees because they get it.

We are excited to see how much Utah’s Medical Cannabis industry has grown just within the last year. There is still plenty of room to make the state program better, and legislators are working on that. Meanwhile, our industry is poised to grow in the coming years. With growth will come jobs. How would you feel about applying for one of those jobs? It could be quite an opportunity to get in on something big.

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Published June 7, 2021

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