Pride 2021: UTTHC Style

In 2021, LGBTQ+ folks still struggle to be accepted for their identities, relationships, and appearances. As Medical Cannabis advocates, we stand in solidarity with that struggle. While cannabis use is not nearly so personal as gender and sexuality, we understand what it means to fight stigmas and judgments and to face unjust laws in the pursuit of dignity and wellbeing. We’re taking strides to create a safe space for all in our affiliated clinic locations and in everything we do. Whoever you love and whatever your gender, we just want to help you feel better.

To show our support for Utah’s LGBTQ+ community (and put our money where our mouth is),’s affiliated Medical Cannabis clinic, Utah Therapeutic Health Center, made a donation to the Utah-based LGBTQ youth organization, Encircle. Founded in 2017, Encircle seeks to provide safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youth. They can use that space to study, hang out, take a class, or attend a therapy session. You can find Encircle homes in Provo, Salt Lake City, and St. George. They’ve got their eyes set on Ogden next.

vinyl pin with rainbow and two hands holding a heart and the text you are safe with me, LGBTQ+ prideIn addition to donating, this month UTTHC offered each and every one of their more than 50 employees ally training through the organization The Safe Zone Project. The Safe Zone Project provides educational materials and curriculum to organizations looking to become more LGBTQ+ inclusive. Similar to cannabis, we don’t get a lot of space to discuss these things. These trainings create that space for our staff to safely ask questions, be vulnerable, and learn.  See if you can spy some of the attendees in our clinics some time. They’ll be the ones wearing these super cute pins. (Pictured left) Some of us even snuck out to the Utah Pride March & Rally on Sunday morning to represent the company and had a kick-ass time.

“By offering our staff sensitivity training, we hope to give them a space to be vulnerable and ask questions about the LGBTQ+ community, similar to the space that they give patients new to or afraid to discuss Medical Cannabis every single day in our clinics. When you enter a UTTHC facility, rest assured that you’re entering a safe zone where you’ll not be judged for who you love or how you medicate,” says Tim Pickett, PA-C, founder of Utah Therapeutic Health Center and

UTTHC’s goal is not only to reduce opioid deaths, treat those in need, and destigmatize the plant but to create safe spaces and judgment-free zones for all. UTTHC has loads of friendly, compassionate, open-minded medical professionals in multiple clinics across the state. Through compassionate care, the staff at UTTHC works hard to help you feel better and affirm your identity. Reserve an appointment today and see for yourself. Live loud, live proud, and feel better.

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Published June 11, 2021

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