Local Cannabis Restaurateurs Bring Us the Dry Cocktails of Our Dreams

The world is so different than it was in December 2019. Back then, Corona was a beer, masks were for Halloween, and working from home was only something you did when you were sick but didn’t want to call in. Fast forward to September 2021 — each of these things is now considered our new normal. The pandemic is far from over and we’ve all adjusted to stay sane, safe, and healthy. That’s why UTTHC is encouraging you to dive headfirst into self care this month. You’ve been through a lot, you deserve it, and I’ve got just the thing.

Something I’m trying to stay healthy is to limit my alcohol intake. I’m not a heavy drinker by any means, but I do drink socially, and I *hate* to miss a party. But whenever I do drink, the next morning I feel bloated, hungover, and insanely anxious. That’s only gotten worse as I get older, to the point where I will often choose not to drink at all. However, if you’ve ever been to a party and said, “no thanks, I’m not drinking,” you know how that can go. It’s like you’ve said, “no thanks, I’m actually three raccoons in an overcoat.” People don’t know what to do or how to move on from there. I’ve found that the easiest way to combat this is to bring your own drinks, but even that can still feel like walking around with a red A embroidered on your chest, Scarlet-Letter-style.

wbs eatery bar coffee dry cocktails building ogden utah To help support my self care efforts, I have become a big fan of dry cocktails. Enter WB’s Eatery. Owned by 360 Restaurant Group, WB’s Eatery is more than a restaurant, it’s a place to live the cannabis lifestyle. You’ll not only find yummy food and drinks there but loads of fun literature and novelty items for purchase, as well. Trust me, if you’re interested in cannabis at all, you’ll love it. I could spend an entire paycheck there easily. The food is amazing, the drinks are delicious, and the vibes are impeccable. WB’s isn’t just a restaurant — it’s a space for cannabis lovers and enthusiasts to mix, mingle, and speak openly without fear of judgment. In their own words: “WB’s Eatery is your spot to kick back with friends, shop the market, and live the lifestyle.” Each month, they hold a social for patients, industry workers, and general lovers of cannabis to get together, hash out, and hang out. WB’s owners, Vivi and Amy Wanderley-Britt, pride themselves and their restaurants on being “exclusive in their inclusivity.” Read more about Vivi, Amy, and their commitment to community here.

Let’s back up. Why am I mentioning WB’s in an article about dry cocktails? Great question, reader! They’ve worked hard to bring us the dry cocktails of our dreams — something to drink when we’re not drinking. These zero-proof spirits have all the flavor of your favorites without the impairment or hangover the next day. You can purchase a few bottles at select 360 Restaurant Group locations on their own or as a gift set with other items. One gift set, the Deluxe Bud Box, includes a bottle of zero-proof, WB’s own CBD oil (to keep your cocktail dry, but slightly damp if you catch my drift), a canna-themed candle, herb grinder, trinket tray … for your trinkets, guitar pick, sticker, and a recipe card to make one of WB’s signature cocktails from home. You’re not just buying a drink, you’re buying an experience, all for about $100. And what an experience it is.

I was lucky enough to snag a Deluxe Bud Box at last month’s social and couldn’t wait to try it out. With my box (I opted for whiskey, but they also sell gin and wbs dry cocktail deluxe bud box with trinket tray, candle, CBD oil, stickers, herb grinder, guitar pick, and ritual zero proof spirittequila), I received a recipe card to make an Acapulco Smoke, which includes whiskey, pomegranate juice, bitters, sugar, and an orange peel. I also included some of WB’s CBD oil for maximum relaxation. Not only did my drink taste great, but it also made me feel great, too! To top off an already delightful night, I put the grinder, trinket tray, and candle (Purple Haze scented!) to good use by loading my Pax3 and hopping in the tub. You know, in the name of self care.

After making a dry cocktail on my own and seeing the light, I brought my bottle to a dinner party at a friend’s house over the weekend. I’ll tell you right now — I’ve never had a more positive experience turning down alcohol at a party. Instead of “no thanks, I’m not drinking,” I got to say “I’d love a drink! I’ll go make myself one!” While my friends know, love, and support me in not drinking, it was still great to feel a part of the ritual and not miss out on the experience of having yummy craft cocktails with them. I made drinks for a few friends (one sober and one pregnant) as well, and they were a huge hit. Plus, being that I wasn’t drinking alcohol, I was able to use cannabis throughout the night without getting too sick or intoxicated, as can often happen when mixing the two. I even felt great enough the next morning to go on an early morning hike with my fiancé. There literally is no downside to a dry cocktail in my book.

At UTTHC, we care about you. This month, I encourage you to put yourself first and remember that socializing is self care. To help you kickstart treating yourself, WB’s Eatery has graciously agreed to give away one Deluxe Bud Box to a lucky winner this month. Keep an eye on our social media pages for details on how to enter. And if you don’t win, don’t worry. You can snag a box of your own at WB’s location in Ogden, at their Holladay Pig Kitchen location (formerlywbs eatery weed social known as Pig in a Jelly Jar), from their online store, or very soon, delivered by DoorDash. Bonus: come hang out with the UTTHC team and more in the Utah cannabis space at this month’s social on Wednesday, September 29th to get your Deluxe Bar Box for just $79! The CBD oil alone sells for $75 — you won’t want to miss out on this smokin’ deal. Snag tickets for the social here for 5 yummy bites, 3 cocktails (dry or full proof), a comedy show, and loads of friendly conversation with patients, industry professionals, and cannabis enthusiasts. While you’re there, make sure to browse their online store for more fun experience boxes, CBD oil, apparel, and more.


You know what also goes great in a dry cocktail? Cannabis. Still need your Medical Cannabis Card? UTTHC can help! Take a moment to fill out this quick, confidential prescreen form to see if you qualify. You can also reserve an appointment online or give us a call to chat more about the program. We’ve got locations in Millcreek, West SLC, Bountiful, Provo, and Ogden (just around the corner from WB’s!) and we can’t wait to see you. Don’t forget to check out our FAQs, patient guides, and YouTube channel for even more cannabis tips & tricks.

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By Courtney Lipscomb
Marketing Manager at UtahMarijuana.org
Published September 7, 2021

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