3 Strains to Make Date Night Extra Dank

medical cannabis patients using terpenes to pair with food date nightValentine’s Day is one week away. If the pink and red hearts covering the walls of every grocery store and elementary school haven’t tipped you off yet and that sentence threw you into a panic — don’t worry. I’ve got you. There’s still time to plan a romantic evening that your weed-loving lover will never forget. Let’s start with dinner (and a little cannabis) and see where the night takes you. For our purposes, just remember the perfect Valentine’s Day date night only needs to be three things: mushy, gushy, and kushy. You bring the mush and gush; I’ll show you how to bring the kush. And hey, even if you’re riding solo on V-Day, make Mary Jane your canna-cutie for the night and treat yourself to a nice meal. You deserve it.

But first, a little history about terpenes. If you’re familiar with cannabis, you’ve probably heard about terpenes. In short, terpenes are what we taste & smell. All plants have terpenes, actually. Do you know when you head up to Snowbird and catch the smell of pine trees? That’s pinene. Terpenes are everywhere. Some of the most common terpenes found in cannabis are myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene, but there are so many more out there. With the help of these flavorful, aromatic terpenes, we’ll make date night a little extra dank with a few strains and products found in Utah pharmacies. Plus, you’re going to look like a big-shot canna-seur to your date busting out all these delicious pairings. Always a win.

Tangie, a.k.a. Tangerine Dream

Relatively common in the Utah market, you can almost always find some Tangie strain somewhere. Tangie is a sativa-dominant strain that comes with a strong citrus flavor, rich with myrcene and caryophyllene. Myrcene strains can often have a musky, herbal flavor, but Tangie sticks to citrus, making it great to complement Asian dishes like orange chicken or Pad Thai. Plus, with myrcene’s sedation and relaxation effects, Tangie is sure to help you and your date to relax and ease into the evening. Tip: If you can’t find a Tangie strain at your local dispensary, patients say Tropicana Cookies is comparable.

Sour Diesel

Arguably one of the most popular sativa strains ever, Sour Diesel is a bit of a legend. Sour Diesel, the lovechild of strains Chemdawg and Super Skunk, got super popular in the 1990s and has been a fan favorite ever since. Its energetic and uplifting effects are perfect for those longer dates, like dinner and a movie, and is sure to keep you from dozing off. Sour Diesel has terpenes like linalool and caryophyllene in it, giving it a citrusy gas flavor profile… likely leading to its name. It is pungent in taste & in smell, making it a perfect pair for equally pungent garlic dishes. A tender steak and plate of garlic mashed potatoes are sure to impress your date and compliment your Sour Diesel hors d’oeuvres perfectly. Just don’t forget breath mints for after. It’s is Valentine’s Day, after all.

cannabis marijuana heart shaped box valentine chocolateGirl Scout Cookies (GSC)

Finally, there’s Girl Scout Cookies. The cookie strains are some of my favorites. GSC is another widely loved strain in Utah’s market and beyond, so named for its sweet, minty aroma. At first whiff, you’ll get a noseful of limonene, but sniff a little closer? There’s some peppery caryophyllene in there, too. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid known for its euphoric, relaxing properties that’s sure to set the most chill vibes for your evening. Don’t waste a bit of that beautiful three-course meal I know you have in you — just start with a little GSC. Its appetite-stimulant properties will help you push through those last few bites of dessert after you’ve said you couldn’t eat another bite. Plus, with the help of Girl Scout Cookies’ sweet, floral flavor profile, that heart-shaped box of chocolate will taste oh-so-much better (in more ways than one).

Don’t Risk It for the Gorilla Biscuit

Remember, folks: when using cannabis, it’s always best to do so legally. So, let us help! If you’re not yet a Medical Cannabis patient in Utah, now’s the time to get your card. Schedule today and you could be in the dispensaries by the weekend, just in time for date night.  All of us here at UtahMarijuana.org wish you a very safe and happy Valentine’s Day.

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By Courtney Lipscomb
Marketing Manager at UtahMarijuana.org
Published February 3, 2022

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