Medical Cannabis as an Acid Reflux Treatment: Yes or No?

Medical Cannabis as an Acid Reflux Treatment: Yes or No?

As our knowledge of Medical Cannabis efficacy is expanding, people suffering from all sorts of conditions are beginning to ask whether it is right for them. One condition we hear a lot about is acid reflux. Patients want to know if cannabis can address the disease and, if not, at least relieve the pain. The simple answer is this: we don’t know.

Cannabis has not been the subject of nearly as much study as so many other potential therapies. You know the reasons why. The good news is that research is starting to pick up. It is probably only a matter of time before scientists take a good look at Medical Cannabis as an acid reflux treatment for the disease, the pain it causes, or both.

Acid Reflux and Cannabinoid Receptors

There is reason to hope that Medical Cannabis may someday lead to a more effective treatment for acid reflux. Why? Because we do know that the endocannabinoid system regulates a whole host of biological functions ranging from appetite to metabolism and feelings of nausea. This is due to the presence of CB1 and CB2 receptors scattered throughout the body.

If you’d like more detailed information on this, check out a Cannigma article found here. In a nutshell, CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors are found in every organ in the body. They are found throughout the digestive tract as well as the esophagus and stomach. The chances of them being there coincidentally are pretty slim. The fact that the receptors are found in these areas is compelling evidence that the endocannabinoid system regulates them at some level.

As the thinking goes, stimulating the endocannabinoid system with certain cannabinoids may lead to a reduction in acid production. Perhaps reduced inflammation and a more relaxed esophagus, both as the result of endocannabinoid manipulation, are also possible via Medical Cannabis.

The Cannigma cites three separate studies in support of Medical Cannabis as an acid reflux treatment. Two of the three were animal studies done in 2002 and 2009, respectively. A 2010 study conducted using human participants show promising results despite only 87 subjects being enrolled.

Acid Reflux in the State of Utah

If you live in Utah and suffer from acid reflux, you need to know that the condition is not on the state’s list of qualifying conditions for Medical Cannabis. In theory, you could probably still apply for a card based on your experience with chronic pain. But that would be up to you and your medical provider to discuss. We couldn’t say one way or the other if Medical Cannabis would be the most appropriate treatment for you.

We do know that there are other acid reflux treatments out there. If they aren’t working, you can always sit down with your medical provider and discuss other options. In the meantime, remember that any possibility of your doctor recommending Medical Cannabis would be rooted in a chronic pain diagnosis.

Getting a Medical Cannabis Card

In closing this post, we want to remind readers that state law requires possession of a valid Medical Cannabis Card to consume cannabis products in Utah. Whether you want to use cannabis for chronic pain or some other condition, you first need to meet with a Qualified Medical Provider (QMP) or Limited Medical Provider (LMP) who can recommend cannabis to you.

If your own doctor will not act as your LMP, feel free to contact us to make an appointment with one of our QMPs. We are more than happy to sit down and discuss Medical Cannabis as an option for you.

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Published February 21, 2023

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