Medical Marijuana Treatment

Marijuana can help patients manage pain & ongoing health issues, like persistent nausea, PTSD, seizure disorders & more, but it's important to work with a Qualified Medical Provider to find a dose that's "just right."
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Simply No Substitute

Personalized education, dosing & delivery recommendations are a key part of having a positive relationship with Medical Cannabis. There is no simply substitute for good medical advice from a caring medical provider.

In Utah, many patients use Medical Marijuana to manage pain. Marijuana can offer needed pain relief & can work well with opioids, allowing people to use fewer narcotic medications. Some patients find they can taper or discontinue narcotic & opioid use entirely with the aid of Medical Cannabis, under the guidance of their provider.
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How Do I Qualify?

There are 15 qualifying conditions (26-61a-104) outlined in current Utah law that allow a patient to possess and use Medical Marijuana under the care of a Qualified Medical Provider (QMP). The three most common are:

Pain lasting longer than 2 weeks
Persistent nausea
PTSD that is being treated or monitored by a licensed mental health provider
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How Long Does It Last?

Concentrates / Vape Cartridges

Concentrates / Vape Cartridges have a quick (5-10 minute) onset & effects can last 1-3 hours. 

Pro-Tip: These are much stronger than raw flower — use caution!

Flower / Vaporizers

Flower / Vaporizer effects come on within a few minute and can last 2-5 hours.

 Pro-Tip: Reach for flower for breakthrough pain, social triggers, or when fast relief is needed.


Edibles can take 60 - 90 minutes to kick in & can offer 6 - 8 hours of relief. 

Pro-Tip: Edibles can vary in potency from serving to serving, so remember: start low & go slow.


Tinctures can take 30 - 60 mins to kick in & offer 3 -5 hours of relief.

Pro-Tip: look for products that list potency & clearly labels how much medicine you’ll get in each dose.


Topicals start to provide relief within minutes & can last up to 6 hours in some cases. 

Pro-Tip: Topicals are great for non-psychoactive relief from pain & inflammation.

Remember To:

Start low and go slow.

A low dose is 2.5mg THC. This is 1/4-1/2 of a dropper of tincture, a portion of a 10mg gelatinous cube, OR 1 inhalation from a vape cartridge. If you do take too much, you may feel uncomfortable, but that feeling will go away and isn’t life threatening.

Be patient with edibles.

Keep in mind, it could be 60-90 mins before you feel any effect. Resist taking additional edibles for at least 2 hours until you know your tolerance.

Follow your recommended dosage.

Your QMP or PMP has a treatment plan in mind. If you feel you need more or less, they can adjust this for you.

Keep your card active.

Once you get your Medical Cannabis Card, keep an eye on your expiration date. You’re only legal with an active card!

Keep your card with you.

Have your card on you every time you have cannabis or a dry herb vape in your possession.

Stay in touch.

Reach out to us with any questions, concerns, or changes to your treatment. We’re here for you.

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