Medical Marijuana Card in Utah

See if you qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card in Utah & reserve an appointment with a Qualified Medical Provider — we'll help you with the rest.

Helpful Hints When Getting a Medical Marijuana Card

Find yourself a cannabis specialist.

A cannabis specialist provides thorough education on dosing & delivery so you know what you are getting into. They’ve studied the plant & how it interacts with the body & will be an invaluable resource when you have questions.

Plan on paying out of pocket.

Most cannabis specialty clinics are cash-pay and visits can range anywhere from $75 - $300. Our affiliated clinic, KindlyMD, charges $149 for new and renewal Med Cards. We also accept certain insurance plans — call 801-851-5554 to learn more.

Your Medical Card comes from UDOH.

Once seen by a QMP,  you'll register as a Medical Cannabis patient with the Utah Department of Health. After the registration is submitted & the $15 card-issuing fee is paid, you'll receive your Medical Card in an email.

Dispensaries in Utah

There are 15 total Medical Cannabis pharmacies in the state of Utah.
WholesomeCo Cannabis | Bountiful
The Flower Shop | Logan | Ogden
Bloc Pharmacy | South Jordan | St. George
Dragonfly Wellness | Salt Lake City | Price
Curaleaf | Provo | Lehi | Payson | Park City
Beehive Farmacy | Salt Lake City | Brigham City
Cannabist | Springville
Zion Medicinal | Cedar City
Find a Dispensary
Dispensaries in Utah

Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of Medical Marijuana can I use?

Under the Utah Medical Cannabis Act, you can use Medical Marijuana legally in these forms:
   -   Tablet or capsule
   -   Concentrated oil, like cartridges for vaping
   -   Liquid suspension
   -   Topical lotion or cream
   -   Transdermal preparation or patch
   -   Sublingual preparation or tincture
   -   Gelatinous cube (gummy)
   -   Unprocessed cannabis flower
   -   Wax or resin
   -   Smoking marijuana is not permitted, but patients may purchase a Medical Marijuana device that converts cannabis flower into a vapor without the use of a flame, delivering marijuana to an individual’s respiratory system (such as a vaporizer or an electric dabbing rig).

The law prohibits purchasing candies, cookies, brownies, and other edible products.

How old do I have to be to get a Medical Marijuana Card?

The legal age for approval is 21 years old.

That being said, UDOH has appointed seven medical providers to the Compassionate Use Board, which meets once a month to approve younger patients in need for Medical Cannabis use. Not many clinics in the state will present their young patients to the Compassionate Use Board. It’s recommended to find out if a patient’s desired QMP is willing and able to put in the extra work required for these cases before booking an appointment.

The process for minor patients is different than those 21 or older. After the minor patient is seen, their medical provider will build a case to present to the Compassionate Use Board. This will include documentation of the visit, medical records provided by the patient, and research to support the minor patient’s use of Medical Cannabis. After submitting the patient’s case to the board, it is up to the members of the Compassionate Use Board to decide whether or not Medical Cannabis is necessary for the patient and condition in question. Note: UTTHC does not currently provide Compassionate Use Board services.
Find out more about the Compassionate Use Board on UDOH's website.

Can I get off my opioids / narcotics by using marijuana?

As healthcare providers, we are committed to helping you meet your wellness goals and manage your symptoms with as few side effects as possible. Every day, we see Medical Marijuana help patients wean off of their narcotics, sleeping pills, and antidepressants. You can do this, and we are here to guide you through this slow, but effective process. Many of our patients remain on some of their original medications, but far fewer than before using Medical Marijuana. Medical Marijuana is a wonderful alternative to opioids and narcotics.

We’re here to help. To start reducing your opioid or narcotic usage today, schedule a consultation or give us a call at (801) 851-5554
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