• UTTHC Uplift Application

    This form will help determine if you qualify for the Uplift program to receive a Utah Medical Card at reduced or no cost. This information is private and not shared. If you need help, call UTTHC at 801.851.5554.
  • The Uplift program is for low-income or terminally ill patients. It is paid for by the kindly donations of Utah patients, matched with money from our industry partners. Please visit utahmarijuana.org/uplift to learn more.

    There are three ways to become an Uplift Patient:

    1. Medicaid Patients: Have active Medicaid coverage. Medicaid patients may receive Medical Cannabis Evaluations at no cost.

    2. Terminally Ill Patients: Qualify for Medical Cannabis under a terminal illness diagnosis as per Utah law. Terminally ill patients may receive Medical Cannabis Evaluations at no cost.

    3. Low-Income Patients: Have an income lower than 2 times the Federal Poverty Level (consult HHS poverty guidelines if your family size exceeds the chart below). Low-income patients with no other qualification must make a donation to the Uplift program at the time of evaluation.

      # of people in household / Maximum qualifying income
      1 $27,180
      2 $36,620
      3 $46,060
      4 $55,500

    If you believe you qualify for Medicaid you can apply through the Department of Health. Call our office for more information. 801.851.5554

  • Dear {name},

    All Uplift patients qualify for a sliding fee scale starting at $0.00 (FREE). The typical waiting time for these FREE visits is 8-12 weeks (terminal patients, please call).

    For those who can contribute to their appointment fees, Uplift will get you in sooner to get more funding into the program faster. This will help speed the process for those who cannot pay. The more the contribution, the more we can match, and thus the more patients we can uplift!

    Thank you Kindly,

    Lissa Reed

    Executive Director, Uplift

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