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4 Steps to Register for a Utah Medical Marijuana Card

It’s finally here! Utah is opening the registration process for Utah Medical Marijuana Card patients on Sunday, March 1st. Here is everything you need to know.

Online Application Process March 1st

First, patients must have a recommendation letter from a qualified medical provider in Utah. These are PAs, NPs, and physicians who are registered with the Department of Health.


Once a patient has this recommendation, starting on Sunday, March 1st, at 9:00 am, patients may go online to the Department of Health Website and register through the EVS (Electronic Verification System).

That process includes registering for an account and filling out personal information on the patient and their health condition. There will also be information for guardians who will need to register for patients under 21, or unable to care for themselves. These patients will also need a companion or guardian card.

Patients will pay $15 to the Utah Department of Health for the card to be processed.

Medical Provider Finishes the Application Online

A Qualified Medical Provider (QMP) will then go online and complete the recommendation and certification for the Medical Marijuana Card to be approved. During this phase of the process, QMPs may recommend dosing guidelines in the patient’s chart in order to allow patients to purchase a 30-day supply of Medical Marijuana for their condition.

If the medical provider does not list dosing guidelines for the patient’s condition, the patient will need to meet with a pharmacist or state-employed physician to again review the medical records and condition and receive dosing guidelines.

Patients with UtahMarijuana.Clinic or Tim Pickett, PA-C will have dosing guidelines listed in the state EVS system and will be able to bypass meeting separately with a pharmacist.

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card by Email

Patients will receive the card in digital form, by email. It may take up to 15 days to review and issue a Utah Medical Marijuana Card after receiving the completed application. For patients without an email address, they will need to contact the Utah DOH directly for instructions, the card will be mailed.

Patients who are under 21 or unable to care for themselves, who require guardian cards or Utah Compassionate Use Board approval will get their cards within 90 days (3 months), depending on the Compassionate Use Board. Please speak with your medical provider about this process.

Bring Card and ID to the Pharmacy

Bring the card photo on a phone, or a printed version, and a valid ID with you to the Utah Medical Marijuana pharmacy (dispensary) on or after March 2nd to purchase Medical Marijuana in Utah. There will be two dispensaries open in March, and 6 more by June 2020. The rest of the 14 dispensaries won’t open until late 2020, as the patient population grows. Find a list of Utah dispensaries and their locations here.


  1. Find a Qualified Medical Provider to issue a recommendation for the qualifying condition
  2. After meeting with a QMP, go online to the Utah Department of Health Medical Marijuana page and register for an account. Pay $15 for the application and card.
  3. The QMP will then complete the application and may or may not issue dosing guidelines.
  4. If you have dosing guidelines, such as those from Tim Pickett, or UtahMarijuana.Clinic, you may take your card photo along with a valid Utah ID to the dispensary (pharmacy) and purchase up to 30 days of Medical Marijuana in Utah.
  5. If you do not have dosing guidelines, meet with a pharmacist at the dispensary, go through your medical record, and have them recommend dosing and products to purchase.

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Published February 23, 2020

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