Are You Familiar With Utah’s Caregiver Card for Medical Cannabis?

Are You Familiar With Utah's Caregiver Card for Medical Cannabis?

The state of Utah issues five types of Medical Cannabis cards based on the needs of each applicant. One of them is the Caregiver card. Are you familiar with it? And if so, do you actually have one? Patient cards are by far the most popular type of card in Utah, yet the Caregiver card is out there as another option.

The Caregiver card is designed for a specific purpose. We will discuss that purpose in the following paragraphs. If you know someone who uses Medical Cannabis but has trouble getting out to a pharmacy to view products and speak with a Pharmacy Medical Provider (PMP), you might be able to help out by obtaining a Caregiver card.

Who the Card Is For

A person with a Utah Patient card possesses a type of Medical Cannabis Card that allows him to purchase medications for his own use. Those medications cannot be shared with other patients. On the other hand, a Caregiver card is designed explicitly for the purpose of purchasing cannabis medications on behalf of someone else.

As a caregiver, you might be providing a certain level of care for someone else. Think of a homebound person who can’t get out of the house. Maybe that person needs help with certain daily activities. He certainly can’t run down to the pharmacy to get his medications. However, he can send you. With a Utah Caregiver card, you can visit a Medical Cannabis pharmacy to pick up his medications for him.

You Would Both Need Cards

Now that you grasp the basic concept of the Caregiver card, the next thing to know is that both you and the person you are providing care for need cards. You would get the Caregiver card while the other person would obtain a Patient card. Without both cards, this doesn’t work.

Your friend would apply for a standard Medical Cannabis Card using the state’s electronic verification system (EVS). Your friend’s medical provider would conduct an evaluation and then complete that portion of the application. Your friend would finish the application, submit it, and pay the fee. Here’s the kicker: he would also have to name you as a caregiver on his application. You could be added to the application after the fact.

Likewise, you would have to log on to the EVS to complete the Caregivers application. On the initial screen following log on, you would choose that option. Then you would fill out the requested information, submit your application, and pay your fee. Assuming you were approved, you would get your Caregiver card via email.

Not for Personal Consumption

The most important thing about getting a Caregiver card is understanding that the Medical Cannabis products you purchase are not for your consumption. You cannot use them under any circumstances. A Caregiver card only gives you the legal right to purchase Medical Cannabis on behalf of a valid Patient card holder.

The good news is that you can obtain your own Patient card as well. As long as you have been diagnosed with a qualifying condition and your medical provider agrees that Medical Cannabis is an appropriate treatment for you, you can get your card and then purchase medications for yourself.
Utah’s Caregiver card is an important tool for patients who need Medical Cannabis but are unable to procure it for themselves. It allows a friend or relative to purchase medicines on the person’s behalf. If you know someone who uses Medical Cannabis and has trouble obtaining it, you might be able to help with a Caregiver card.

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Published May 14, 2024

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