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Utah in the Weeds Episode 22 – Jack is a 19 Year Old Medical Cannabis Patient in Utah

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What You Will Learn in This Podcast

News about a pharmacy opening in Provo [00:37]

Who is Jack? [02:27]

What is the Compassionate Use Board [05:07]

More about Jack’s back pain and nausea [07:53]

How Jack’s parents feel about his use of Medical Cannabis [10:53]’s partnership with Empathetix [17:36]

How Jack consumes THC [21:17]

Jack’s advice for someone considering cannabis [27:58]

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Podcast Summary

News about a pharmacy opening in Provo [00:37]

Deseret Wellness is a new Medical Cannabis pharmacy in Provo. For new patients with medical letters, you may register with Deseret Wellness to use their products. For patients with letters and who are already registered at another pharmacy, you’ll need to convert your letter to a card before visiting Deseret Wellness.

Who is Jack? [02:27]

Jack is a 19-year-old Medical Cannabis patient. Jack and his family moved to Utah from California when he was 17.

Jack uses Medical Cannabis for back pain and nausea. He was introduced to cannabis in California. While in California, Jack became interested in the medical benefits of cannabis, consuming content, and watching videos of kids who have been helped by cannabis.

Jack was able to get a Medical Cannabis card in California. The process of getting access to Medical Cannabis in California was easier than in Utah. In California, the process is all online. There is no need to get approval from a Qualified Medical Provider (QMP). In Utah, Jack had to see a QMP to get approved for a medical letter. He will still have to get approval from Utah’s Compassionate Use Board for a full Medical Cannabis card.

What is the Compassionate Use Board [05:07]

The Compassionate Use Board is a board of seven physicians. Some of them are advocates of Medical Cannabis and some are not. The board reviews cases of people seeking Medical Cannabis cards who are either (1) under 21 or (2) looking to use cannabis for a non-qualifying condition.

The team at has been helping patients go through the process of a Compassionate Use Board review. Providers create petitions on their patient’s behalf and provide the board with the necessary medical documentation.

More about Jack’s back pain and nausea [07:53]

Jack wakes up in the morning with nausea. Jack has also been diagnosed with scoliosis, causing daily back pain.

How Jack’s parents feel about his use of Medical Cannabis [10:53]

Jack’s father had a medical card in California. He explained to Jack the benefits of cannabis and that it could be something that helps him. However, Jack’s mother had a difficult time dealing with his use. However, as Jack continues to provide his mother with education about Medical Cannabis, she has begun to see its benefits.

Jack’s parents will have to be more involved in Utah, as patients under 21 must have a parent or guardian purchase Medical Cannabis from a pharmacy.’s partnership with Empathetix [17:36]

Empathetix has partnered with to provide all of their QMPswith education and resources. They will also help Empathetix patients complete their 90-day card renewals through Utah’s EVS system.

How Jack consumes THC [21:17]

Jack primarily uses concentrates when consuming THC. Concentrates are made from a fresh plant that is frozen and pressed. This compression process produces a light oil, which can be vaped. Concentrates typically have higher amounts of THC. There is also less smell when vaping concentrates compared to flower.

Locally, you can find concentrates at WholesomeCo while supplies last

Jack will also use indica flower for pain. If he is looking for mood improvement, he will use sativa flower.

Jack’s advice for someone considering cannabis [27:58]

Jack thinks that cannabis is a good alternative to taking opiates, especially because you cannot overdose on it.

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Published October 8, 2020

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