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Medical Marijuana for Beginners (Part 1): Finding Your “Just Right” Dose | Discover Marijuana

Today Tim and Blake discuss how to go about finding Your “Just Right” Dose. More important than Medical Marijuana strain or delivery is getting your dosage perfect. Today we show you how!

Thanks for tuning in to part two of the second episode of Discover Marijuana with Tim & Blake, brought to you by and,

After years of marijuana research, many states in the US have rolled out legalization programs, whether medical or recreational/adult use. In Utah, marijuana was legalized for medicinal use in March 2020, and the beautiful friendship between your hosts, Tim Pickett, a QMP in Utah and founder of, and Blake Smith, Chief Scientific Officer of Zion Medicinal, was born.

Before you jump right into Medical Marijuana treatment, it’s important to understand not only how marijuana works, but also how to use marijuana effectively as medicine. To help you better understand this, Tim will tackle the medicine side, while Blake will break down the science behind marijuana and how it works to treat a variety of ailments.

Without the proper Medical Marijuana dosage and treatment plan from a provider, a new patient could encounter negative marijuana effects, like feeling disoriented, anxious, or “too high.” Many providers will give their Medical Marijuana patients a CBD dosage to combat some of the undesirable marijuana side effects, as CBD can act as a buffer to some of the psychoactivity that comes with its THC counterpart. For more about CBD and THC, visit, your #1 source for all things cannabis in Utah. While you’re there, take some time to study up on Utah Marijuana laws and look into getting a Utah Medical Marijuana Card.

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Published November 25, 2020

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