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CBD vs. THC (Part 3): Getting the Most Out of Your Medicine

In this video, we’re still talking CBD vs. THC, but this time we’re focusing on therapeutic ratios for specific ailments. You’ll want to stick around for this.

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CBD and THC, by far the most popular cannabinoids, are often imperative to finding a perfect therapeutic dose for your ailment, whether we’re talking CBD for anxiety, CBD and pain, CBD and cancer, CBD and migraines, or countless other conditions. Recommending CBD for beginners helps to lower the possibility of a “bad trip” as CBD can counteract some of the psychoactivity you get from other cannabinoids. Compared to straight Delta 8 THC, CBD side effects are small potatoes. CBD risks are also considered to be very low, which could explain why CBD has swept the country in the way that it has.

On that note, Tim Pickett, one of your hosts, a QMP in Utah and founder of, will almost always recommend a CBD dosage for new users. In his clinic, Utah Therapeutic Health Center, Tim meets educates patients daily on Medical Marijuana and the conditions it could help. By making sure his patients know how to use marijuana and what to expect when it comes to marijuana effects, Tim empowers his patients to take their health into their own hands — an undeniable benefit of plant-based medicine.

When various cannabinoids are working together to maintain balance in your endocannabinoid system, you’ll feel a different effect than with, say, straight CBD alone. This is called an entourage effect. Blake Smith, Chief Scientific Officer of, a Utah CBD and cannabis company, has dedicated much of his life to marijuana research and how marijuana works. He’s here to share his spoils with you. He’ll break down everything from the benefits of marijuana to marijuana side effects with no sugarcoating the issues — just straight facts — so you can make an informed decision as to whether or not some form of Medical Marijuana is right for you.

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Published December 7, 2020
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