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Discover Marijuana: To Put it Bluntly…

Coming soon: episode 3 of Discover Marijuana with Tim & Blake, brought to you by and Tune in as Tim and Blake touch on the benefits of CBD and answer all your burning questions: is CBD safe? Does CBD work? What are CBD tinctures? Is it possible to have CBD overdose? What are the CBD risks? Throughout the course of this episode, find answers to all these and more.

Tim Pickett, a QMP in Utah and founder of, teaches patients in his clinic how to use CBD and cannabis medicinally. As we learned in episode two, CBD and THC are two cannabinoids that work hand in hand inside a person’s endocannabinoid system. Because of this, Tim will often recommend a certain CBD dosage along with a Medical Cannabis recommendation, especially for beginners. Recommending CBD for beginners can help avoid some of the CBD side effects that a newbie could feel.

Blake Smith, CSO of, a Utah CBD and cannabis company, is here to bring you a more scientific approach to these questions. Say you’re curious about CBD for Parkinson’s disease. Blake is the guy to break down which cannabinoids to look for in your products that will specifically target that condition and help you feel better.

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Published December 21, 2020

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