Benefits of CBD (Part 2): CBD & CBG & CBN, Oh My!

Today, Tim & Blake discuss the benefits of CBD. More specifically, they’ll discuss the importance of looking for a high CBD dosage in the products you buy to treat your conditions. Most of us are familiar with CBD and THC, but very little light has been shed on the benefits of other cannabinoids found within them.

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Blake Smith, our chemist extraordinaire and CSO of, a Utah CBD and cannabinoid company, takes us deep into the science behind the endocannabinoid system. He also touches on how to use CBD to treat inflammation, pain, and many other more specific conditions, like CBD for Parkinson’s and CBD for seizures.

Tim Pickett, a Utah QMP and founder of, speaks to medical cannabis patients every day in his clinics. In fact, Tim often recommends CBD for beginners to help avoid any negative side effects of a bit too much THC. Many of those patients have already experimented with CBD because it’s legal, but there are still many “newbies” to the cannabis plant entirely. These newbies will come with loads of questions: Is CBD safe? Does CBD work? What are CBD tinctures? Is there such a thing as a CBD overdose? Are there CBD side effects? Are there CBD risks? By having a cannabis expert in their corner, these patients are prepared and ready to take their health into their own hands for the first time ever.

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Published January 1, 2021

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