Benefits of CBD (Part 3): The Entourage Effect & Me | Discover Marijuana

Today we’re still discussing the many benefits of CBD. By this point, we hope it’s clear that the CBD benefits greatly outweigh the CBD risks. (That’s not to say that CBD side effects don’t exist. They do, just as with anything you choose to medicate with.) In fact, when used in combination with other cannabinoids, like combining CBD and THC, you may even feel something called the entourage effect. This occurs when multiple cannabinoids work together in your endocannabinoid system to provide a richer, more full spectrum feeling for healing. Though CBD has been legal for awhile, many questions remain: is CBD safe? Can I have a CBD overdose? Does CBD work? What are CBD tinctures? With your canna-experts here on Discover Marijuana, you’ll find answers to all these questions and more.

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One of our hosts, Tim Pickett, is a QMP in Utah and founder of, meets with patients in his clinic daily to discuss medical cannabis treatment. Tim will often recommend CBD for beginners to the plant to help tap down some of the euphoria and psychoactivity that can come with new experimentation. Teaching patients how to use a certain CBD dosage in addition to their medical cannabis treatment is an integral part of an appointment with Tim.

Blake Smith, host of Discover Marijuana and CSO of, a Utah CBD and cannabinoid company, breaks down the science of it all. Sure, we know that CBD works, but do we know WHY people have had success using CBD for Parkinson’s, for example? If the answer is no, it won’t be for much longer. Blake will explain this in great detail along with so many other things!

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Published January 5, 2021

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