Benefits of CBD (Part 5): CBD & Your Endocannabinoid System | Discover Marijuana

We’ll hit you with a fun cannafact first and foremost: did you know everyone has an endocannabinoid system? Whether you use cannabis or not, it’s there. This time around, Tim & Blake will talk about the effect a certain CBD dosage, combined with other cannabinoids, has on your endocannabinoid system.

Join Tim & Blake for more on the benefits of CBD on this episode of Discover Marijuana, brought to you by and

One of your hosts, Tim Pickett, a QMP in Utah and founder of, spends his days in one of his four clinics talking to patients about medical cannabis treatment. Because CBD has been popular and legal for much longer, many of those appointments start with the same few questions. “Is CBD safe? Does CBD work? What are CBD tinctures? What are the CBD side effects? Can I have a CBD overdose?” A basic understanding of how to use CBD is the foundation to a healthy relationship with cannabis, and because of this, Tim will often recommend CBD for beginners to plant based treatment.

Your other host is chemist extraordinaire, Blake Smith, CSO of, a Utah CBD and cannabis company. You can always count on Blake to bring the science. Blake will break down CBD benefits and CBD risks as well as the way that all your favorite cannabinoids — yes, it is more than just CBD and THC — affect your endocannabinoid system. Buckle up and prepare to be educated.

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Published January 20, 2021

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