Dear Mama: Ode to Inspiring Mothers

One of the biggest goals we have in the cannabis industry is eliminating the negative stigma surrounding Medical Cannabis treatment. We strive to show that it’s not just for musicians or teenagers — it’s for everyone. To support this goal, for Mother’s Day 2021, Utah Therapeutic Health Center teamed up with WholesomeCo Cannabis to help you make Mom’s day a little brighter. We asked you all to nominate a motherly figure in your life who could use a little relief — and we got to hear some amazing stories! All moms are Wonder Woman and you cannot convince us otherwise. Without further ado, we wanted to take a moment to share some of the incredible feats that mothers go through every day without batting an eyelash.

a wild mamasaurus. smiling mother in a dinosaur hat

“My Mamasaurus (right) has been my hero for my whole life. She exemplified what it meant to be a strong, successful woman while ensuring my brothers and I had fond memories to look back on as we got older. In her prime, my mom could work two jobs, coach softball, make all of our Halloween costumes, teach us new skills, and set aside time for each of us individually. She was diagnosed with RA in her 40’s, which was a progression to a myriad of health issues over the course of her life that would cause more and more debilitation that she would match with a stubborn reluctance, so much that you wouldn’t know she suffered from chronic illnesses. To this day, she still shows no hesitations in showing up when we need her, putting together exuberant and unforgettable celebrations for holidays, and providing a safe space for anyone who needs it.”

“My wife has been through the ringer for a long time. She is currently dealing with the pain of a herniated disc as well as 2 bulging discs. The first time in her life that she found relief from this pain was from medical cannabis. Even without this medicine and being in tremendous pain, she treats our children with a love and respect I wish my own mother gave me. The year of 2020 left me sick with post-acute COVID syndrome as well as fibromyalgia. Without skipping a beat, she stepped up to advocate and fill the roles of my own caregiver, on top of everything else she does in day-to-day life.”

“I have an inoperable brain tumor that caused hydrocephalus. I’ve had a headache that is almost old enough to vote. Cannabis is the only thing that helps.”

mother holding newborn granddaughter in hospital“This is a picture of my mom holding my daughter for the first time (left). I never truly appreciated what my mom must have gone through nurturing and raising 8 kids before having my daughter. My daughter taught me selflessness. I learned kindness, patience, and compassion from my mom (and a bunch of songs that are coming in really handy raising a kiddo). In addition to dealing with an illness that can be debilitating at times, she works full-time teaching at-risk youth. She’s a wonderful mom, grandmom, and all-around A+ human. She deserves to enjoy her life and live it fully. Love you, mama!”

“[My mom] has been through so much in the last decade – an MS diagnosis, losing her husband (my dad) to cancer, two knee replacements, multiple surgeries, frequent injections, and other treatments for chronic pain, moving across the country to live with me and my husband… As her MS progresses, she experiences more and more pain and fatigue, as well as depression and frequent dizziness. And through it all she has ALWAYS been there for me and my siblings whenever we need her. And, she’s become an incredible, loving grandmother to my daughter. She has tried so many different medications over the past decade to treat her many health challenges. I was so grateful when she started exploring medical cannabis as a treatment option for her pain! It feels like the first thing that has really given her consistent relief.”

“[My friend] is an amazing friend, wife, and the mother to a beautiful, smart, sweet little girl (right).  She’s also a “mother” to 16 children daily in her job at a daycare center. She shows every single one of those childrenfamily photo of mother father daughter love day in and day out, regardless of how she’s feeling physically or emotionally. Her body often fights against her, causing her to vomit, lose weight, or lose sleep. She deserves to feel better!”

And now, the winner of our giveaway! Her daughter says “I want to nominate [my mom] Teresa. She raised 7 kids and is now raising her grandchildren as well. She has worked hard for years doing landscaping and now suffers from arthritis and foot pain from all of the digging she has done. My mom has also had 2 knee replacement surgeries that cause her chronic pain. I think she would be the perfect candidate for medical cannabis. Being a mother, she is always the last person on her list to take care of. If she won it would give her an excuse to take care of herself for once. She deserves it!”

Moms come in all shapes and sizes, but they all come with love. Whether your ma is silly, serious, nurturing, career-driven, or a terrible cook, she loves you, she’s wonderful, and she deserves to be happy. If you’re able, hug your mother today. And of course, if your mom could use a little help feeling better, have her call us. Medical Cannabis treatment could be just the hope she’s been looking for. Happy (belated) Mother’s Day from!

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Published May 14, 2021

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