Medical Marijuana Can Be Personalized Like No Other Medicine

One of the best things Utah ever did was vote to legalize Medical Marijuana. Several years later, our state Medical Cannabis program is thriving. Enrollment is higher than anticipated, growers and processors can’t keep up with demand, and, best of all, patients are learning that Medical Marijuana can be personalized.

That’s one of the things that makes what we do so interesting. It’s pretty cool that we can help patients get their Medical Cannabis Cards before recommending local pharmacies. It is equally cool that patients can work with their Pharmacy Medical Providers (PMPs) to personalize the journey into cannabis as a medicine.

We Are Used to Personalization

Those of us in the millennial demographic represent a fair share of the total number of Medical Marijuana users around the country. We also know a thing or two about personalization. We were teens when the internet became a thing. Many of us were young adults when the first smartphone came out. Here’s the point: we are used to personalization.

Technology makes it possible for us to personalize everything from banking to watching TV programs. We can even personalize our own healthcare with things like telehealth and non-demand doctor visits. So why not personalize our prescription medications? We can do just that with Medical Marijuana.

A Full Menu of Products

We are familiar with most of the Medical Cannabis pharmacies in Utah. If we don’t know the owners personally, we at least know about them. And we can tell you that their shelves are stocked with a full menu of products.

Vape cartridges are pretty hot right now. Patients like them because the effects of their medicine kick in almost as quickly as if they were smoking flower. But still, vaping isn’t always the best option. That’s why pharmacies also carry gummies, tinctures, oils, topical medications, and more.

So many products mean a full menu of choices, too:

  • Cannabinoids – Your PMP might recommend using THC products. On the other hand, your condition might call for CBD instead. Different products offer different cannabinoids you can try to personalize your journey with.
  • Terpenes – We are just now discovering how terpenes interact with cannabinoids to affect outcomes. You can personalize by trying different terpene profiles to see how they work for you.
  • Delivery Methods – You might find that vaping works best for you during the day while edibles are better in the evening. That’s great! You can work with your PMP to personalize delivery methods.

You have a ton of choices when it comes to Medical Marijuana. That’s not true for any other prescription medication. Go to your doctor for an antibiotic or prescription NSAID and you’ll have to take what they give you. Medical Marijuana offers you more control.

Tracking Is the Key

We want to close by encouraging you to track how you use your medicine. Personalization will have little effect if you’re not paying attention to how well certain products work. On the other hand, tracking provides a roadmap for your journey.

The state offers a free, downloadable form that makes tracking your use easy. We recommend using it. If you don’t like the way it’s laid out, create your own. Either way, track your usage and take the data with you when you visit the pharmacy. The more information you can offer your PMP, the easier it will be to personalize your products.

Medical Marijuana can be personalized like no other prescription medication. This is just one of the many reasons we are so excited about its potential to change the way Utah thinks about healthcare.

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Published June 21, 2021

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