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Cannabis Layering: What Is It and Is It Right for Me?

The cannabis community had its own language long before states began legalizing the plant for medical purposes. But now that Medical Cannabis is a thing, that language is growing. We are hearing all sorts of terms that mean one thing to cannabis users but something completely different to everyone else. “Cannabis Layering” is just one of them.

Have you heard friends talking about layering their cannabis? Well, it turns out that the term actually has multiple meanings. Patients define it one way while growers define it another. Layering takes on its meaning depending on who you are talking to.

We think it’s cool that both types of layering actually benefits patients. With that said, we’ve probably got you thinking whether or not it would work for you. So, to answer that question, let’s discuss both types of layering.

Cannabis Layering to Patients

As a Medical Cannabis patient, you probably work with your QMP and PMP to figure out your best way to consume. You talked about things like vaping and dry heating. You talk dosages, frequency, and everything in between.

If your discussions turn to layering, what you are talking about is using multiple delivery methods and dosages to achieve your goals. It is a lot like layering your clothing during those cold Utah winters. You layer as much as you need to stay warm. In terms of Medical Cannabis, you layer in whatever way provides the most relief.

Layering is based primarily on delivery methods. In Utah, regulations allow:

  • Raw flower (dry heating)
  • THC and CBD liquids (vaping)
  • Edibles (gummy and tinctures)
  • Topicals (creams and lotions)
  • Capsules and tablets

An example of layering might involve chronic pain and helping you sleep throughout the night. A nice tincture will help with the sleep, but it may take an hour or two to really kick in. So, in the interim, you vape a small dose to alleviate the pain so you can actually fall asleep. You are layering your medications for maximum medical benefit. Watch a video created by our founder, Tim Pickett, PA-C, that breaks down the importance of microdosing when layering cannabis.

Cannabis Layering to Growers

The second type of layering is one we do not hear much about. It applies to growers looking to produce cannabis clones that are as large and healthy as they can be. Layering makes it possible to produce new plants on a live mother plant.

Growers can layer their cannabis plants in a number of ways. One of the most popular methods is known as air layering. Here, a grower is essentially scoring the healthy branch of a mother plant, then covering and fertilizing it to encourage the growth of a new branch. Once that branch is large and healthy enough, it can be cut off and planted like any other clone.

Air layering is a pretty fascinating process to observe. It turns out that cannabis growers are not the only ones who do it. Air layering is a good way to produce all sorts of fruit trees along with woody plants. It is almost like they were made to be cloned this way.

At any rate, now you know what your friends are talking about when they mention layering. In most cases, layering refers to using multiple delivery methods and varying doses to achieve the maximum benefit Medical Cannabis has to offer. When growers are talking about layering, they are referring to how they produce plant clones.

What do you think? If you are interested in layering as a patient, talk to your QMP or PMP about it. Layering may be the key to getting the kind of relief you haven’t been able to get thus far.

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Published July 12, 2021

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