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Hosts of Utah's Monthly Weed Social Tell Us About Their Cannabis Connection

Vivi and Amy Wanderley-Britt are local restaurateurs who embrace Utah’s cannabis community. Each month, the pair hosts a Weed Social at WB’s Eatery in Ogden, where they invite guests to “hash out, hang out and chow down with your buds!” This month’s Weed Social will be held on July 28 at 6 p.m. Purchase your tickets at WB’s website.

We asked them about their cannabis connection and their passion for serving up gourmet food and CBD-infused beverages.

Can you tell us a little bit about your relationship with cannabis?

We are patients and enthusiasts. Amy is a complete nerd, excited to learn daily as the industry unfolds and the research really begins. Vivi believes very strongly in the power of marketing and we know cannabis needs a better voice and story than the one we’ve been told.

Vivi has a herniated disc and has suffered from back pain for years. She tried painkillers and muscle relaxers, which she does not like – and it did not help. She brought the pain under control with acupuncture, physical therapy, and Pilates but still suffered from frequent flare-ups. As we started to do research, CBD seemed a viable option, so Vivi started using it for her back pain and the progress has been amazing. There is still some rare back pain and the occasional flare-up, but it is pretty much gone.

Amy also takes it for muscle pain or back pain, and we started giving our pets CBD due to their health needs.  Our quality of life and that of our pets has increased tremendously.  Amy qualifies for Utah’s Medical Cannabis program with a qualifying medical condition, and she also uses cannabis to treat her anxiety and depression.

What brought each of you to the food/cannabis industry?

Amy has been in the food/hospitality industry for 30 years and as an independent business owner in Salt Lake City for 15 years. Vivi comes from a marketing background, having spent most of her time developing media strategies and media plans for local, national, and global clients.

We saw a need to bring the cannabis lifestyle to people. What better way than through conversation and food served around the table? Our desire for innovation and the demystification of cannabis drove us to bring cannabis to the food industry. We hope we can accomplish this by creating an inclusive space where people feel comfortable talking about cannabis (CBD, THC, etc.) without feeling we have a secret handshake or a coming-out party every time we tell people we dose cannabis. We also white-labeled a 1500 mg CBD Oil at WB’s Eatery.

What led you to open 360 Degrees Restaurant Group, the parent company of Pig & A Jelly Jar and WB’s Eatery?

We are expanding our concepts and the umbrella company is a combined identity of who we are at our core – and because we are all connected, coming full circle into our education and values.

Tell us a bit about WB’s.

Weed and Bites. We’re casual in every way, but we take our love of cannabis, food, drink, and friends seriously! Art on the walls, cocktails in the shaker, CBD oil in the market, coffee in the press – WB’s Eatery is your spot to kick back with your best buds, shop the market, and live the lifestyle.

Tell us about your Weed Social. Where did the idea come from and what do you envision?

We created the Weed Social to provide a platform for us to use our restaurant space to bring the cannabis industry together for a night of alliance and education for ourselves, our staff, and other like-minded buds/canna-sseurs.

Tell us about your CBD.

Our CBD is the product we used in our family first and we found it so helpful, we wanted to share! It is a 1500 mg citrus-flavored CBD oil that pairs well with coffee, dry cocktails, and makes a mean salad dressing! We keep our CBD at a very affordable price point because we want to make it accessible to as many people as we can.

What would be the ultimate goal of WB’s Weed Social or of the group as a whole?

We want everyone to feel welcomed. The only criterion is kindness. Last year was rough enough. It is time for a CANNAKIND WORLD!

Why do you feel so strongly about building a community of like-minded people?

Communities and conversations are how change and progress happen. Educating ourselves, educating others, breaking the stigma, and joining hands around cannabis is just the start.

What’s your impression of the current state of the cannabis scene in Utah? What changes would you like to see?

We’re quite impressed with how progressive Utah is, considering how far we’ve come with regulatory measures. We believe they know cannabis is helpful, not hurtful, to our culture and community. We look forward to broad-scale federal changes occurring more quickly than our state’s. But you never know how these things will play out. We hope to be able to add CBD oil to food and dry cocktails to elevate our patrons’ experience and welcome them into the world of cannabis.

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By David Wells
Content Producer & Analyst at
Published July 20, 2021

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