Calling All Southern Utah Medical Cannabis Patients!

Your time has come. Finally, no more traveling to get your medicine. No more going without because you ran out and the nearest pharmacy is hours away. No more trekking across the state to find a decent QMP. For most Utah Medical Cannabis Patients, the program launched in March 2020. But, let’s be honest: the fun is just getting started in Southern Utah. Are you ready? Let’s go over some of the options that just opened up for you.

Medical Cannabis Delivery — Yes, Really!

Our friends at WholesomeCo Cannabis have worked hard on a delivery program to better serve Utah Medical Cannabis patients. Now, I know what you’rewholesomeco cannabis medical home delivery for utah medical cannabis patients thinking. “WholesomeCo is in Bountiful! This isn’t going to help me!” Well, lower those skeptical eyebrows because yes: they WILL deliver to you, even from Bountiful. (Probably. But if they don’t, they will soon.) WholesomeCo delivers to 99% of patients quickly, safely, and discreetly. Find out when and if they’ll deliver to your door here.

I haven’t even told you the best part yet. You’re going to flip, fellow Utah Medical Cannabis patient. Delivery is FREE. Totally free. For everyone. Every time.  Learn more about the process here and get to shopping!

A Medical Cannabis Pharmacy — Finally!

Southern Utah Medical Cannabis patients have been waiting patiently for their own dispensary for a while now. Why should us Northerners have all the fun? Well, if you haven’t been paying attention, let me be the first to tell you: you’ve got TWO friendly, neighborhood pharmacies now! (And just in time, too. As of June 30, 2021, all out-of-state Medical Cannabis products are prohibited.)

For our friends near St. George, you’ll want to check out Bloc. If the name sounds familiar, it probably is: Bloc has a location in South Jordan, too. Bloc’s extensive menu and friendly budtenders make this a must-go for all in the area. Learn more about Bloc Pharmacy, read reviews, get directions, and more here.

If you’re a bit more North and St. George still feels too far for you, why not check out Cedar City’s newest addition, Bloom Medicinals? You can find this dispensary in the heart of town, just around the corner from Southern Utah University (go T-Birds!). They’re stocked to the gills with high-quality cannabis utah therapeutic health center medical cannabis clinic cedar cityproducts so you’ll have no trouble finding something right for you. Take a deep breath, fellow Utah Medical Cannabis patient. It’s finally your time to shine.

Trusted Utah Medical Cannabis Providers — Ours!

Did I mention that Utah Therapeutic Health Center is making its debut in Cedar City, too? I didn’t? Well: Utah Therapeutic Health Center is making its debut in Cedar City, too! We’re excited to bring education and compassionate care to those in the surrounding area. It won’t be hard to find us — we’re posting up right next to Bloom Medicinals to be your one-stop cannabis shop! Come on down, say hi, meet one of our friendly and knowledgable QMPs (each trained by Tim Pickett, PA-C, Utah’s Best QMP of 2021), and snag your medicine all in one quick go (if you’re a renewal patient or once temporary cards are introduced to the EVS for new patients, that is). Schedule an appointment or pop in to chat sometime. We can’t wait to help you feel better.

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Published August 6, 2021

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