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Medical Cannabis Can Help You Take Your Life Back

Utah regulations are pretty simple in terms of the qualifying conditions for Medical Cannabis. Chronic pain is a big one. PTSD and cancer-related pain are pretty common among patients as well. Regardless of the particular condition being treated, the one thing patients have in common is that Medical Cannabis helps them take their lives back.

We think that’s probably the biggest benefit of cannabis as a medicine. Look, we take medicines because we have health conditions that prevent us from living normally, whatever that means. A lot of the medications we take are only intended to help us feel better. So why would Medical Cannabis be any different?

Thousands of patients have come to us for help in getting their Medical Marijuana cards. They want the cards because they want to take their lives back from whatever illness or condition is keeping them from their “normal.” The same opportunity is available to you, if you have a qualifying condition.

Living Life with Cancer

In episode 65 of the Utah in the Weeds podcast, our very own Tim Pickett joined co-host Chris Holifield to talk with a Utah Medical Cannabis patient currently in recovery from cancer. This wonderful woman has been using cannabis not only to find relief from cancer pain, but to also get on with her life.

You might find this particular episode of Utah in the Weeds helpful if you are still on the fence about Medical Cannabis. In a nutshell, the podcast discussion centers around an average Utah patient whose life has been forever altered by one of the most feared diseases in the world.

Interestingly, the patient remarked about how she had tried other medications for PTSD in the past. She didn’t like them because they prevented her from working. These days, Medical Cannabis helps her with cancer pain and PTSD simultaneously. She and her significant other are preparing to take a year-long road trip to get away from all things cancer and sell her art. The trip is only possible because Medical Cannabis has allowed her to take her life back.

You Can Be in Control

People think it’s cool that Utah has greenlighted Medical Marijuana. We don’t disagree. But really, it’s not about marijuana or cannabis itself. It’s about you being in control of both your healthcare and your life. Having access to Medical Marijuana gives you better control of how you feel at any given time.

You can work with your Qualified Medical Provider (QMP) and Pharmacy Medical Provider (PMP) to figure out what works best for you. Maybe you are going to vape during the day and use gummies at night. Perhaps you’ll figure out that layering really doesn’t work for you. That’s OK, because everyone has a unique experience with cannabis.

The thing that makes Medical Cannabis different is that you are free to work with medical professionals to come up with the best possible solution. You’re not just handed a prescription with directions for how to take it. With Medical Cannabis, you are not popping pills and hoping for the best.

Let’s Have a Discussion

If you’re ready to take your life back from whatever condition you suffer with, the first step is meeting with a QMP. That’s what we do here at Our QMPs meet with patients to talk about their qualifying conditions and how Medical Marijuana might help. We also help patients get their cards.

Come on in and visit us at any one of our Utah locations. Let us have a discussion about how Medical Cannabis could help you. A chat with one of our QMPs is the first step on the journey to taking your life back.

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Published August 9, 2021

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