The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for the Plant-Based Buds on Your List

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The holidays are just around the corner — are you ready? Probably about this time, your shopping list is around a mile long, and growing. We want to help you with that. If you’ve got a plant-based buddy *wink, wink* that you’re looking to spoil this season, look no further! The UTTHC Holiday Gift Guide has loads of canna-friendly ideas for that special someone in your life. We’ve divided them into three categories — Smalls, Biggie, and Notorious — making it easy to find something for anyone on your list. Sneak a peek and make their year. And hey, while you’re here, why not treat yourself a little, too? Every item mentioned below is available for purchase at UTTHC locations across the state. Happy shopping!

Smalls: Holiday Gifts Under $50

Herb Grinder: Because can you really have too many grinders on hand? Snag one for you, a friend, and another one for you. We’ve got a variety of colors and the best part? They all fit comfortably in your/their new Smell-Proof Skunk Bag (but more on that later). ($39.99)

Utah in the Weeds Hoodie: It’s getting cold out there, folks! You wouldn’t want your loved ones to freeze, would you? Make warm, fuzzy feelings a tangible reality for someone you love this season with a Utah in the Weeds podcast hoodie. Makes for a great white elephant gift or comfort item for that anxious or chronically ill person in your life. They’ll thank you for introducing them to their new favorite potcast. ($34.79)

Healthcare to Buzz About Tee: Not only is this UTTHC T-Shirt cute and fun, but it’s such a simple way to potentially make a change in someone’s life and spread the good word. Medical Cannabis has been around in Utah since March of 2020, and some of our citizens are still completely unaware. If someone on your gift list is passionate about cannabis medicine and could do wonders with a conversation starter like this (you know the type), give them something to talk about this holiday season. ($11.99)

Smell Proof Skunk Bag: Honestly, you might want to buy this one for yourself — it’s that good. Lined with charcoal and probably fairy dust, once you zip your medicine away safely inside a smell-proof Skunk Bag, the smell is gone. A few models come with a combination lock to keep unwanted visitors out, too. With a smell-proof Skunk Bag, you can rest easy knowing your children, pets, or nosy roommates are safe from stumbling upon your medicine stash. ($37.59)

Biggie: Holiday Gifts $50 – $100

Zion Medicinal CBD tincture: Many of our UTTHC staff swear by this little bottle of calm and we’re delighted to be able to offer it to our patients in select clinic locations. The solstice scaries get to everyone and a few drops of CBD can make all the difference. No Medical Cannabis Card is required for purchase. This makes a great gift for the stressed, anxious, or canna-curious person on your shopping list. ($60.00)

YoCan Vane Vaporizer: If you’re shopping for someone new to vaporized flower, consider gifting them a mid-grade dry herb vaporizer like the YoCan Vane. Don’t let the significantly lower price point fool you — this compact, discreet vaporizer gets the job done. Perfect for the person new to plant-based medicine, the Vane is a small investment with a big payoff. Swing by and grab one while supplies last! ($54.99)

Notorious: $100+ Holiday Gifts

Pax 2 Vaporizer: This nifty little device not only makes cannabis flower taste better and work better, but it keeps your medical patient buddy safe, legal, and in compliance with Utah’s Medical Cannabis program. (Remember, while cardholding medical patients are permitted to purchase, use, and possess raw cannabis flower, using a flame to heat it is illegal in Utah. Don’t risk your Medical Cannabis Card by lighting up.) Dry herb vaporizers heat your flower to a lower temperature than a flame would, activating extra cannabinoids and terpenes along the way that would otherwise be burnt off — you’re getting more relief and fewer mouthfuls of butane. It’s a win/win. For more info on dry herb vaporizers and how to use them, check out an episode of Discover Marijuana, an educational YouTube series hosted by our founder, Tim Pickett, and Chief Science Officer at Zion Medicinal, Blake Smith. ($149.99)

Firefly 2+ Vaporizer: Do you have a cool aunt or fun uncle known to dabble in dabs? Multifunctional with an aesthetic nod to the classics, the Firefly 2+ is UTTHC’s favorite vape for seasoned medical patients. This vaporizer is high-ly effective at warming raw cannabis flower, but contrary to the Pax 2, the Firefly 2+ also works well with concentrates. Your Secret Santa pick will love how easy it is to medicate on the go. Buy them a Firefly 2+ at your nearest UTTHC location and win brownie points with them for years to come! Learn more about 2-in-1 vaporizers in this episode of Discover Marijuana, an educational YouTube series hosted by our founder, Tim Pickett, and Chief Science Officer at Zion Medicinal, Blake Smith. ($249.95)

Tight on Cash?

We’ve got you there, too. Give the gift of knowledge this season with UTTHC Patient Guides. Trust me, they’re good for every type of person on your list. Got someone who has never touched Medical Cannabis and is curious? Boom: Patient’s Guide to Medical Cannabis. For the cardholder who’s been hesitant to go to their first dispensary, the Shopping Guide for Beginners is full of tips for success. Help your new-to-cannabis grandfather dial in his dosage with the Find Your “Just Right” Dose guide. Help your brother lower his tolerance to save more money on his medicine with our Reset Your Tolerance guide, and so much more. Keep an eye out for our new Opioid Guide, launching later this month, designed to help patients lower or eliminate their opioid dose with the help of Medical Cannabis. You can download helpful Medical Cannabis guides like these from our site or pick up a printed copy at any UTTHC location. Your friends are sure to thank you for this holiday gift for years to come.

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Published November 7, 2021

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