Utah in the Weeds Episode #89 – 2022 Legislative Update

Utah in the Weeds host Tim Pickett is heavily involved in the 2022 Utah legislative session. In this 89th episode, Tim gives us an update on recent cannabis-related discussions on Utah’s Capitol Hill.

First, Tim talked about Utah Therapeutic Health Center’s new educational partnership with Gray Matters. Gray Matters is dedicated to educating the public about the risks of adolescent cannabis use. [00:58]

Next, Tim gave an update on UT THC’s Uplift program, which subsidizes Medical Cannabis evaluations for terminally-ill and low-income patients. [05:32]

Then, Tim talked about the Discover Marijuana YouTube channel’s recent activity. The channel has a new series of videos to help viewers get to know Tim and his co-host, Blake Smith. [05:52]

To start the discussion about Utah’s 2022 legislative session, Tim talked about Senate Bill 190, a Medical Cannabis bill sponsored by Sen. Evan Vickers. SB 190 would add restrictions to cannabis advertising and labeling, and ban synthetic THC analogs like Delta-8, among other changes. [08:15]

Next, Tim talked about SB 195, sponsored by Sen. Luz Escamilla. The bill would add further restrictions on advertising for Medical Cannabis businesses, and add “acute pain” as a qualifying condition, among other changes. [27:11]

Tim talked at length about both bills, and their potential impacts on patients and healthcare providers.

Podcast summary coming soon.

Podcast Transcript

Podcast transcript coming soon.

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By UtahMarijuana.org
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Published February 22, 2022

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