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Do You Know How to Recycle Vaporized Cannabis Buds?

We are all pretty much into recycling, right? Well, maybe not all of us. But most of us do our part to recycle whenever we can. Here is something we have learned by picking the brains of experienced Medical Cannabis users: it is possible to recycle vaporized buds. In other words, you can use them a second time rather than throwing them away. It is not that hard, either.

Recycled buds previously used in a dry herb vaporizer are known in the cannabis community as already-vaped buds (AVBs) or already been vaped (ABV) buds. Whether you prefer to call it ABV or AVB, the material left over from a dry herb vaping session still has medicinal value.

AVBs and Decarboxylation

You may remember that raw cannabis flower doesn’t offer much benefit in its natural state. The cannabinoids present in raw buds are still in acid form and are not yet active. You have to decarboxylate the plant material before it will help you. But as you know, the easiest and most effective way to decarboxylate is to heat the buds.

That’s the great thing about dry herb vaporizers. They both vaporize cannabis compounds and decarboxylate them at the same time. That means your AVBs are ready to go right out of your vaporizer. You don’t need to do anything more with them.

Ways to Use AVBs

First, a word of caution. Cannabis that’s been used in a dry herb vaporizer has already released much of its THC and other cannabinoid content. But the leftover material can still be quite potent. As with any other cannabis product, remember to “start low and go slow.”

So, how would you give second life to AVBs? A lot of people do it by adding them to their food. For example, you can sprinkle AVBs on a piece of toast with peanut butter or mix it into some yogurt.

Just be careful that you don’t put it on food that others will consume. Your Medical Cannabis is just for you.

Another use of AVBs is making cannabis-infused butter or cooking oil. This butter or oil can then be used in virtually any recipe, such as brownies, that calls for it.

If this still isn’t enough for you, we have two more suggestions. The first is to steep the ABVs in hot water to make your own tea.

Yet another idea is to make your own tincture. If this sounds like fun, you can find plenty of recipes online. Making your own tincture could be one way to reduce your medical costs by extending the life of your buds. That way, you don’t have to buy as much on each visit to the Medical Cannabis Pharmacy.

Save Money and Feel Better

We love the fact that Medical Cannabis patients are finding creative ways to extend the useful life of their medicines. working to recycle and reuse your already-vaped cannabis buds is just one way to get as much life out of vaporized plant material as possible. And it probably makes you feel better too.

Not only do you feel better physically, but you also feel better about yourself in the sense that you are taking more control over your healthcare. You are putting forth the effort to stretch your medicine as far as it will go.

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Published June 14, 2022

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