Medical Cannabis as a Treatment for Endometriosis Pain

Pain continues to be one of the leading conditions people list on their Medical Cannabis Card applications. It is the leading medical motivation for using cannabis nationwide. That being the case, there is an almost endless number of things capable of causing chronic pain. In women, endometriosis is one of them.

Endometriosis is a fairly common condition that affects about 10% of adult women. Each woman suffering with it experiences a unique level of pain. There are some who present an advanced form of the disease and yet feel no pain at all. There are others whose cases are minor but present with excruciating pain. That is one of the reasons that endometriosis is so hard to treat.

Cannabis Does the Trick

The owner of a Las Vegas pain clinic, Dr. Page Bady, says he has patients who successfully treat endometriosis pain with cannabis. Bady is a former ER doctor and a member of an opiate task force established by former governor Brian Sandoval. He is now involved in conducting a double-blind study designed to understand the impact of replacing opioid painkillers with Medical Cannabis.

Bady swears by Medical Cannabis as an effective pain treatment. He is confident it helps his endometriosis patients. One of his patients, who agreed to talk to KLAS TV, described her endometriosis pain as “pain you that you can’t describe.” She went on to say that Medical Cannabis doesn’t completely eliminate her pain, but it does allow her to lead a normal life with considerably less pain to interfere.

It is Not Always THC

At this point, it is important to point out that it’s not always THC that gives pain sufferers the relief they are searching for. Both THC and CBD interact with the human endocannabinoid system. There are other cannabinoids in cannabis plants as well. And of course, do not forget terpenes.

We recommend that Medical Cannabis patients not worry so much about chasing THC or finding a particular strain. Rather, a better approach is to speak with an experienced Qualified Medical Provider (QMP) or Pharmacy Medical Provider (PMP) who can advise on some products to try. Different cannabinoid and terpene combinations offer different levels of pain relief that vary from one patient to the next.

Cannabis and Endometriosis

The challenge with endometriosis is identifying the exact origin of pain and dealing with it. Endometriosis is a condition in which endometrial tissue, the same tissue that grows in the uterus as a normal part of the female fertility cycle, grows in locations other than the uterus. This tissue grows, thickens, breaks down, and bleeds just as if it were growing in the proper location.

Endometrial tissue growing outside of the uterus usually affects the fallopian tubes, ovaries, and pelvis. In addition to the pain caused by the constant cycle of tissue growth and degeneration, the condition can also cause other problems – like scarring of the ovaries.

Get Your Medical Cannabis Card

If you suffer from endometriosis and your pain is chronic, you are probably eligible for a Medical Cannabis Card in Utah. You would need to make an appointment to see a QMP or Limited Medical Provider (LMP) with prescribing authority in the state. As long as that medical provider diagnosed your condition and agreed that Medical Cannabis was the most appropriate way to treat your pain, your card would be approved.

We encourage you to at least look into the possibility. Many patients report finding relief from endometriosis pain by using In Medical Cannabis. You deserve relief from your pain, too.

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Published August 30, 2022

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