Trap Gummies: What Are They and Why Should They Be Avoided?

Trap Gummies: What Are They and Why Should They Be Avoided

The proliferation of Recreational and Medical Cannabis across the country has given birth to an entirely new industry involving growers, processors, retailers, and testers. Unfortunately, it has also created new avenues for black market operators to push competing products – products like trap gummies.

Trap gummies are the latest attempt by some manufacturers to get around THC limits through creatively manufactured gummies. In essence, a trap gummy is any cannabis edible manufactured in a way that does not comply with established regulations. The products are often designed to mimic regulated products with the goal of preying on unsuspecting consumers who are not paying attention.

You Don’t Know What You’re Getting

There are number of common-sense reasons to avoid trap gummies. First of all, you don’t know what you’re getting. Makers of these non-regulated products do not have them tested. Only they know what is actually in them. Contrast that to what you find at a Medical Cannabis Pharmacy in Utah.

Every aspect of the Medical Cannabis business is regulated in the Beehive State. When you buy a THC gummy product at a licensed pharmacy, you can rest assured that it meets minimum state standards, at the very least. It may even exceed some of the standards.

As an added bonus, everyone in the supply chain knows those from whom they got their product. If anything goes wrong, the product can be traced back to its source. That is a no-go with trap gummies. Consumers have no idea from where they actually came.

Then There’s the THC Question

Without verifiable tests and accurate labels, there’s no way to know how much THC you’re getting in a trap gummy. For all anyone knows, the hottest product on the black market could have no THC at all. It could also have three or four times the amount a user is expecting.

Not being aware of how much THC you are ingesting is never good. But it is especially bad for someone who uses Medical Cannabis. Why? Because it’s difficult enough to find the perfect balance of dosage, frequency, and delivery method. If you don’t know what you’re actually using, coming up with the best possible treatment plan is nearly impossible.

There Are Other Cannabinoids

You have probably figured out by now that there aren’t a lot of positive things that we can say about trap gummies. But humor us as we throw one more thing at you: other cannabinoids. These other cannabinoids can be problematic if you assume you’re buying a CBD product that may not be as advertised.

We’re guessing you’ve heard about the Delta-8 controversy by now. Delta-8 THC is an isomer of Delta-9, the very cannabinoid that’s currently illegal under federal law. It turns out that Delta-8 can also make you high, though it is a different kind of high.

You Might Still Be Getting THC

All of this is to say that you could buy a trap gummy marketed as a legal CBD product that still contains a type of THC that makes you feel intoxicated. You would be left scratching your head and wondering what happened.

Unfortunately, there is still another trick black market operators rely on. They take a product that would normally be classified as THC and simply boost CBD volume until the THC falls below the 0.3% threshold. There’s still more THC in it than you bargained for.

Cannabis consumption in Utah is limited to medical purposes only. To that end, we have a strict system that ensures patient safety and product purity. We recommend you stay away from products not sold in licensed pharmacies. That includes trap gummies.

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Published November 11, 2022

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