1-Year Medical Cannabis Card Renewal Is the Norm, But…

cannabis card renewal

As you probably know by now, updates to Utah’s Medical Cannabis law implemented earlier this year increased the Medical Cannabis Card renewal period from six months to one year. One year is now the norm. However, it is not set in stone. Medical providers can recommend a 3- or 6-month renewal period if they deem it appropriate.

Our guess is that shorter renewal periods are not going to be an issue for most Medical Cannabis patients in the state. But obviously, that is a decision medical providers and their patients will have to work out together. This is the way it should be. Patients should ultimately be in control of their own healthcare. Ideally, they should collaborate with their medical providers to come up with the best and most effective strategies.

More About the Medical Cannabis Card

New patients are getting on board with Medical Cannabis all the time. That being the case, you might be reading this post without having any clue as to how Utah’s program works. It all starts with qualifying conditions.

In order to purchase Medical Cannabis at a state licensed pharmacy, you need to have a valid Medical Cannabis Card. To get that card, you need to have been diagnosed with one of the qualifying conditions on the state list. Some of the more common conditions seen in Utah include chronic pain, PTSD, cancer, and seizure disorders.

If you have a qualifying condition and your medical provider believes Medical Cannabis is an appropriate treatment, they can help you get your card. That is our mission here at UtahMarijuana.org. Our parent organization operates numerous clinics staffed by Qualified Medical Providers (QMPs).

Regular Renewals Are Required

Our QMPs work with two kinds of patients: patients looking to get that first Medical Cannabis Card and current patients that need a Cannabis Card renewal. We make the point as a reminder that permanent cards are not issued. As with any other prescription medication, Medical Cannabis should be used in accordance with the medical provider’s recommendations. To ensure that happens, the state requires annual renewals.

Again, one year is the norm. If you were to get your first card today, you would need to renew it before this same time next year. The only exception would be if your medical provider recommended a 3- or 6-month renewal period. If you have any questions about a shorter renewal period, do not be afraid to ask your medical provider about it. Utah’s Medical Cannabis program works best when patients and their medical providers have open, frank discussions.

If You Don’t Renew Your Card

What happens if you don’t renew your card prior to its expiration? It will no longer be valid once the expiration date is reached. In such a case, you would no longer be able to purchase Medical Cannabis products from a state-licensed pharmacy.

As far as we know, the state does not allow a grace period for renewal. So if you know that you’re going to want to keep your card active beyond your next expiration, don’t wait until a day or two before to set up an appointment with your medical provider. Give yourself plenty of time to get the renewal taken care of.

If you need assistance with either a new Medical Cannabis Card or a Cannabis Card renewal, feel free to contact us here at UtahMarijuana.org. We can help you connect with any one of our clinics so that you can set an appointment to meet with the QMP. We will do everything within our power to help you along your Medical Cannabis journey.

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By Adrian Torres
Published September 26, 2023

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