The 3 Steps to Renewing Your Medical Cannabis Card

The 3 Steps to Renewing Your Medical Cannabis Card

Do you remember when your first Utah Medical Cannabis Card was only good for 90 days? Regulators have changed the rules to allow cards to have up to a one-year term. They have also simplified the renewal process. Renewing a card is easier than ever before.

We have outlined a basic three-step renewal process below. If you are a current Medical Cannabis Card holder, and you haven’t gone through your first renewal yet, you might want to familiarize yourself with the process. It is by no means difficult. However, knowing what needs to be done ahead of time could save you a few headaches when your renewal deadline approaches.

The 3-Step Process

The process for renewing is pretty straightforward. Most of what needs to be done is managed online. If you’ve had your card before, you already have an account with the state’s Electronic Verification System (EVS), so there isn’t a whole lot that needs to be done in terms of administration. Here is the renewal process broken down step-by-step:

Step #1: Verify Your Information

The EVS is programmed to automatically send out renewal notices to current cardholders. You should receive an email notice 30 days prior to expiration. That is your reminder to log in to the EVS and verify your personal information.

If your address or ID information has changed since you last logged onto the system, now is the time to update it. Whether or not your ID information has changed, it needs to be resubmitted for certification before your card can be renewed. 

Step #2: Schedule a Renewal Appointment With Your Provider

You will need to visit your QMP to get your card renewed. Contact your QMP’s office to let them know that you need to schedule a renewal visit. 

Just as when you got your initial card, your QMP will evaluate your condition and inquire as to how well Medical Cannabis is working for you. Provided everything is in order, the QMP will renew your certification within the system.

Step #3: Pay the Renewal Fee

Once the new certification has been entered into the EVS, you should be able to log back into your account and verify your status as ‘awaiting payment’. That is your cue to pay the State of Utah’s $15 renewal fee. Just click on the payment tab and follow the instructions to make the payment. Your status should change to “Renewal Completed” as soon as the payment is processed. 

If you have completed these three steps before your current card’s expiration date, Utah will email your renewed card on the day after your current card expires. If you are renewing a card that has already expired, you should receive the renewed card within 24 hours of paying the renewal fee. Renewals for expired cards are often completed within an hour or two.

More About Scheduling the Appointment

The online steps for renewing a Medical Cannabis Card are nearly instantaneous. The hardest thing about renewal might be scheduling an appointment with your QMP. We advise not waiting until a week before expiration to try to get in to see your provider. Make an appointment as early as possible. You don’t even have to wait until the 30-day mark to make an appointment.

Whether you need to renew a Medical Cannabis Card or you’re getting one for the first time, our Qualified Medical Providers are ready to help.

Fortunately, regulators have made renewing a Utah Medical Cannabis Card fairly easy. It is a simple matter of verifying your personal information, seeing your QMP, and paying the renewal fee. Click here to schedule a visit with one of our QMPs.

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Published March 26, 2024

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